The Arkansas Chapter Associated General Contractors of America, Inc., is a volunteer trade corporation composed of general contracting, construction managers and associate firms dedicated to the purpose of improving the professional standards of the construction industry and the skill, integrity and responsibility of its member firms.

A primary objective of the Corporation is to promote fair and honorable dealings with the owners of construction projects, both public and private, and with all other segments of the construction industry. In addition, the Corporation seeks to educate the public and improve the image of the construction industry.

The Corporation in the public interest shall encourage methods of contracting which serve the interests of the construction user. The members of the Corporation shall work to develop good relations with their employees and shall make every effort to provide and promote a safe working environment.

The Corporation, through its Officers and Board of Directors, shall implement these general principles and objectives and it shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors to define and specify actions and programs in the furtherance of these principles and purposes of the Corporation.