Safety Resources

Take a look at the links below from to aid your company's safety efforts.  For help creating a safety plan for your company, contact Mitzi Skinner, Director of Safety & Training at mskinner@agcar.netor 501-375-4436. 

Safety and Health Program Self-Evaluation

Download the program self-evaluation (PDF) and use it to determine how closely your existing policies, programs and practices conform to good Safety and Health Program design.

Safety and Health Program Implementation Checklist

Download the program implementation checklist (PDF) and use it to track those action items you have completed, and serve as a reminder of what is left to do.

Safety and Health Program Audit Tool

Download the program audit tool (PDF) and use it to evaluate your program and how well your organization has implemented it, identify remaining weaknesses, and use the results to focus on continual improvement.

Recommended Practices for Safety and Health in Construction (PDF) 

Safety and Health Program Voluntary Standards Crosswalk  (PDF)

Safety and Health Program Existing OSHA Standards Crosswalk (PDF)