Political Action Committees

The goal of the Arkansas AGC PAC is to give the construction industry a collective voice in the election of candidates for state office. Through this effort, the Arkansas AGC PAC advances the legislative priorities of the construction industry in Arkansas by helping to elect the candidates most likely to support those priorities.  By supporting the Arkansas AGC PAC, you increase the industry’s ability to advance construction and economic growth to enhance the quality of life for all Arkansans.


Your support is needed today.  Corporate and/or personal contributions are welcome.
Contact us to contribute or to obtain additional information.

Arkansas law no longer allows corporate contributions to be made directly to campaigns.  Individuals or Political Action Committees (PACs) may contribute up to $2,700 for a Primary Election and $2,700 for the General Election for a total of $5,400.


AGC Arkansas has five PACs, listed below, which can accept up to $5,000/year from corporate, business or individual donors. We encourage our members & friends to make a donation to our PACs so that contributions can be distributed to candidates for state offices. The mailing address for the PACs is Post Office Box 846, Little Rock, AR 72203.

  • Arkansas Transportation PAC
  • Better Roads PAC
  • Construction Advancement PAC
  • Construction Industry Leadership PAC
  • Highway Safety PAC

The AGC of America PAC is the non-partisan, federal political action committee of the Associated General Contractors of America. Its mission is to build a better Congress for AGC members. AGC PAC works to accomplish this through electing candidates for federal office who support the national legislative priorities of AGC. Through its efforts, AGC PAC encourages the political engagement of all AGC contractors to help shape a construction-friendly, federal legislative and regulatory environment.  Learn more about the AGC of America PAC.