Construction Hall of Fame


The Arkansas Construction Hall of Fame was established in 1999 to honor and recognize outstanding individuals in the construction industry.  These individuals are held in high esteem by their peers and have demonstrated their professionalism through active support of the industry and civic and community involvement.
2000 Inductees
Edwin B. Cromwell, Architect
H. Tyndall Dickinson, Highway Contractor
Robert Daniel Nabholz, Sr., Building Contractor
John Albert Riggs, Jr., Supplier (Equipment)
Robert J. (Bob) Shell, Building Contractor

2001 Inductees
Noland Blass, Jr., Architect
William E. Clark, Building Contractor
D.B. Hill, Sr., Highway Contractor
Benny M. Koontz, Specialty Contractor
Wm. Fay Wright, Utility Contractor

2002 Inductees
Matthew Knight Cashion, Sr., Supplier (Insurance)
E. Fay Jones, Architect
L.A. "Jack" Kinnaman, Building Contractor
Sanford M. Wilbourn, Engineer
Gordon G. Wittenberg, Architect

2003 Inductees
D.B. Hill, Jr., Highway Contractor 
G.W. May, Building Contractor 
Charlie Weaver, Highway Contractor 

2004 Inductees
Jack East, Sr., Supplier (Insurance) 
Sam Fullerton, Highway Contractor 
Thomas Gray, Architect 

2005 Inductees
Martin Borchert, Supplier 
Howard House, Highway Contractor 
Charles Nabholz, Building Contractor 
H. Price Roark, Architect & Engineer 

2006 Inductees
Vic Forsgren, Highway Contractor 
Werner Knoop, Building Contractor 
Gus Vratsinas, Building Contractor 

2008 Inductees
James H. Cone, Sr., Building Contractor
Les Mills, Highway Contractor
Charles Witsell, Jr., Architect
L. Carl Yates, Engineer

2010 Inductees
Howard Eichenbaum, Architect
Harold Engstrom, Engineer
Dan Flowers, Engineer
Clark McClinton, Highway Contractor
Mike Shupe, Engineer

2012 Inductees
Randy McNulty, Highway Contractor
Kent Pettit, Engineer
Jack See, Architect
Joe Stanley, Architect

2016 Inductees
Richard Geraci, P.E., FACEC, Engineer
W. Kent Ingram, Jr., Highway Supplier
Bruce McFadden, Supplier
Charley Penix, AIA, Architect
Dr. Bobby Roberts, Champion of Construction Award
James Meyer, AIA, Emerging Professional Award
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2018 Inductees
Tommy Bond, P.E., Bond Consulting Engineers, Engineer
Bill Hannah, Nabholz Construction Services, Building Contractor
Cloud Knight Keyes, Alessi Keyes Construction, Building Contractor
Reese Rowland, FAIA, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects, Architect
Michael Tramel, UALR, Champion of Construction Award
Patty Opitz, AIA, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects, Emerging Professional Award
Lance Wright, Nabholz Construction Services, Emerging Professional Award