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Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) may be presented annually to a contractor and associate member of the association who have made significant contributions to the welfare of the association.

Clark McClinton - McClinton Brothers Construction
Werner Knoop - The Baldwin Company
Ray Spillers - Pickens Bond Construction Company
Ben Hogan - Ben M. Hogan Company
Jim Reynolds - Reynolds & Williams, Inc.
Jno. A. Fraser - Fraser Construction Company
Elmer Barber, Jr. - E.E. Barber Construction Company
A.K. McBride - A.K. McBride Construction Company
Gilbert Forsgren - Forsgren Brothers
D.B. Hill, Jr. - D.B. Hill, Contractor
Bob Shell - The Baldwin Company
Tyndall Dickinson - McGeorge Contracting Company, Inc.
Bob Nabholz - Nabholz Construction Company
Ernest Freshour - Freshour Construction Company
Bill Moore - Improved Construction Methods, Inc.
Jack Freshour - Freshour Construction Company
Bob Tyler - Nabholz Construction Corporation
D.B. Hill, III - D.B. Hill, Contractor
Tommy Bond - Bond Kinman, Limited, Inc.
Randy McNulty - Southern Pavers, Inc.
Bob Wilson - Little Rock Road Machinery
Warner Garner - Masco, Inc.
Vance Strange - J.A. Riggs Tractor Company
Lewis May - May Construction Company
David McClinton - McClinton-Anchor
Johnny Hudson - Hudson, Cisne and Company
Mike Wilkinson - Wilkinson Construction, Inc.
Scott Copas - Baldwin & Shell Construction Company
Roger Peterson - Peterson Concrete Tank Company
Kerry Cavaness - Freshour Construction
Mike Halter -Ramsey, Krug, Farrell & Lensing
Bruce McFadden - ICM
Bill Johnston - Delta Asphalt
Knight Cashion - The Cashion Company
Dan Wright - Diamond Construction Company
Bill Hannah - Nabholz Construction Corporation
Don Weaver - Weaver-Bailey Construction
Robert Unwer - Nabco Mechanical & Electrical
Haskell Dickinson - McGeorge Contracting
Jimmy Alessi - Alessi-Keyes Construction
Mark Lamberth - Atlas Asphalt
Jim Lareau - Travelers Bond
Doug Wasson - Kinco Constructors
Matt Cashion - The Cashion Company
Keith Riggs - Riggs Cat
Senator Keith Ingram - Razorback Concrete Company
Karen Garrett - Hudson, Cisne & Co.
Michael Faught - Roberts-McNutt
Scott McGeorge - Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel
Gary Smith - Glass Erectors