Advocate. Educate. Congregate.

Century Club

Speak up for the Construction Industry
The AGC Arkansas Centruy Club provides an avenue for you to participate in a grassroots effort to advocate for the construction industry. Our goal is to have 100 AGC members pledge to make contacts with their House and Senate members whenever a notice or an action alert goes out.  Can you imagine the impact when you and more than 99 of your fellow constructors make contact with an elected official, all making the same arguments?

Act now!
The brief amount of time spent participating in the AGC Arkansas Century Club will  be impactful for our association and united efforts.Login to the Member Portal to sign -up for the Century Club or contact Debbie Hall at for a registration form. Our lobbying efforts will be even stronger when you are part of it. Please join the Century Club today and encourage your employees and co-workers to do the same.