How to update your company info

Please update your account by Aug. 26. The information in the printed and online directories will pull from your membership portal account information.
To update your company information in our database for the online and printed directories, click here. You'll simply use the email address on file with AGC to get started. Once you login, we encourage you to update your password.

IMPORTANT: It is crucial that your company information is verified and updated in the online membership portal.  This is now how we will pull information for the online and printed AGC Membership Directory.  All company verifications/updates are due by Friday, Aug. 26. No exceptions as the directory will go to print at that time.

There are 4 types of users in the Membership Portal.  It's important to know which one you are!  If you need to change your status, just call the office and we'll change it for you at 501.375.4436.
  1. Primary: There is only one primary user per company account. This person had the authority to update company information. This person can also make anyone an "affiliate" user to update company information on his/her behalf.  The primary user is the name that will be associated with the company contact information in the printed and online directory.
  2. Affiliate: There can be unlimited affiliate users per company account. The affiliate can update company and his/her personal information in the membership portal.
  3. Representative: There can be unlimited representatives per company account. A representative can only update his/her personal information.
  4. Billing: There can only be one billing contact per company. All company bills will be directed to this person.

You must update/confirm your company contact information AND select up to 5 directory categories by Aug. 26 to be included in the 2016-2017 AGC Arkansas print and online directories.
  1. Confirm/update your personal and company information.  My Account>”My Profile” or “My Company” (Only primary and affliate designated people in our system can update company info.  If you are designated as a rep, call the office at 501.375.4436 and we'll change you to an affiliate so you can update the company info.)
  2. If you want multiple company locations/branches or divisions to appear in the print or online directories, you must enter them as “Other Locations.”  Be sure to label them to include your company name first and then the division or branch location name.  Ex. ABC Builders Northwest Arkansas or ABC Builders Industrial Division.  Add this information at the bottom of the “My Company” page. My Account>My Company
  3. Confirm/update who you want company bills to be emailed to.  My Account>My Billing Contact Information
  4. IMPORTANT: Select up to 5 directory categories.  Account Details>My Directory Options (Be sure to select what contact info you want to appear in the online directory at the bottom of this page.)

Check out the FAQ to learn more about how to update your company and personal information in the membership portal.

Please note: Your company cannot be found in the online directory until you select which categories you'd like to be searched first.