AR Highway Investment Economics Impact Study

Key Findings
Arkansas faces MAJOR transportation infrastructure challenges.  Nearly a quarter of the state's lane miles are in “failing” condition; more than half are rated a “C” or “D” gradeIn 2016, 545 Arkansans lost their lives on Arkansas roads, and it is estimated road conditions contribute to more than half (52.5%) of all roadway fatalities.  In addition, driving on Arkansas roads in need of repair costs each Arkansas driver $589 per year.
An annual $478 million increase in Arkansas's highway, street and bridge investment would: 
  • Allow for the needed maintenance and repair essential to preserving the current system 
  • Result in a total impact of $1.3 billion in increased economic activity across the state 
  • Increase sales and output by businesses in all sectors by $941.6 million each year 
  • Create 5,729 jobs throughout all sectors of the state's economy 
  • Generate additional state and local tax revenue of $56.7 million each year
Source: The Economic Impacts of an Annual $478 million Increase in Arkansas Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction Investment
ARTBA, October 2018 

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